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Yes - wallpaper images

Here you will find several large pictures related to Yes, which can be used as desktop wallpaper. They are all 800x600 JPGs compressed with ZIP.

[Yes as a cartoon 800x600 - 105kB]
[New!] Yes as cartoon characters? Why not? :) From the left: Alan, Steve, Jon, Chris, Igor and Billy. The picture was taken from the Canadian Tourbook '99, sent by Julek Chroscicki. (105kB)

Please note, that this work is copyrighted!
(c) 2000 by Milton Trajano
Big thanks for permission! :-)

[ABWH poster 800x600 - 145kB]
[New!] Poster from the Anderson Wakeman Bruford Howe album (145kB)

[Logo 800x600 - 127kb]
Great logo of the band. Looks magnificent when maximized. (122kb)

[Tales 800x600 - 127kb]
Fullscreen Tales... You must see this one! (127kb)

[Awaken 800x600 - 65kB]
Jon during the perfomance of "Awaken".(65kB)

[Ladder-poster 800x600 - 120kB]
Poster included with "The Ladder" album - as usual, the magical world of Roger Dean (120kB)

[Steve Howe 800x600 - 115kB]
Steve Howe in action! (115kB)

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