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Short Stories

Curious Electric

Sitting here in the television Looking at the tube Sitting next to me He's not been very well lately He told me so He's been crying A little bit And I ain't lyin' But we're sitting it out Watching "Match of the Day". You know we've all gotta go anyway I said we've all gotta go anyway And I wouldn't mind being last in line To see such joy and fruitfulness. When everyone discovers short stories

Each and Everyday

Each and everyday I time the waiting wind All the stars that shine this evening Came to greet you now At last, the way, I'll protect you when you're lonely By guiding you 'round Tears won't ever leave you like the autumn leaves Bearing fruit, that seasons everything It's everything to to me That life will never end Those tears will show the light, Coming through the night If there's anything around that tries to get, To you doesn't Mean your love can't make the moment right Better best to try it I've found, It makes the evening bright It's all been down We treat us down And I just saw the man giving peace a kindly hand. It doesn't even end in a dream Things are never quite the way they seem All in all/you're really So much more Each and everyday, each and everyday Each and everyday, each and everyday, I'll guard you till the end.

Bird Song

Took a little love, walked thru a garden Who can I see, in and around your hand Looking to the top, as he feeds beside you Humming bird, close to your hand. t was for a reason I did not see before, it was; someone did give me eyes That is nature sounding within In the face of it In the face of it there's nothing left to rhyme and the more you try you'll understand They'll be flying into your hand tomorrow.

I Hear You Now

After the first embrace from you my senses knew The look of love was in your eyes and after we first make love our senses tingle to Thetouch oh how we hypnotize Oh, to get the feeling on and on Oh, just to get the feeling Holding you closer in my arms we drift to heaven Bringing in the morning light And after all is said and done there's only us We can make it right So, our love will carry on and on Now our love will be free, be free. And when we play, love don't delay, I hear you now For what was then, is what is now, anyhow As I became a guest of love's tune hear again We'll carry on together like today. After the first embrace from you I want you too After the first embrace from you I want you too

The Road

There's a road that takes me back There the light has seen your face To the place where I belong There at last where I will wander By the lake where time stands still. There's a road I see before me Made by the man who tells the tale There's a road that travels all ways. There's a road that's here I see In the midst of all creation There's a road for you and me.

Far Away in Bagdad

T'was the dawn creation of the underworld Caves were born with thunder rendered sheets Of flame cascading light the morning light The dawning of the underworld. All regions of Earth and space did take their place Features carved with colors raining all about Then brightness of the morning sun Oh, glory of the morning sun. Tell me of the way of things and how such beauty Can divide our hearts and hands while holding Out so closely now. King of kings will oversee the dawning of truth The overworld, pain is borne as love surrenders Higher ever higher ever true to you. Surely tell me secrets of the morning mist Rain will fall and wash us evermore beside the Lake of learning-learning t'wards the winds of Everflowing ease. Speak oh speak of everlasting sleep a point Inside where one will never ever hide away Never ever hide away Far away in Bagdad. Far away in Bagdad.

Love Is

I will be here with you To find love is For your love I'll carry on, to know That love, it is Love is, it is, love is, it is All now is all The sound is So in love this way Together, once more together Although the future, seems so uncertain Take heart my good friend, Your time is waiting No thoughts of sadness All thoughts need someone, too. Of all the feelings There's one that matters The gift of loving The gift of love is calling you O heart of mine be true, be true, I know we're ready, like ships asailing Let all nights be like this Forever I could hold you-come to me "Then we come to love."

One More Time

Out in the woods we play our songs And travel through the woodlands together In the light of heaven And the silence of the world. Keeping in touch with the sun Keeping it for everyone Latter day dreams that come your way Will gather in the light Everything about today just mellows In the ligght: in your eyes. I think about silent list Drowned this summer, travel light All the deeds and the candlelight But there is no explaining it Let the weary come around-one more time- One more time Let the weary come one more time around. I should have guessed that things Were getting out of hand, the other day When you told me that you'd gone and left Your father's ways behind and you thought that you, couldn't understand him Well, he didn't really answer the dreams That you'd planned So you chased around, all those times, That come between you, yourself and yourself, One more time, one more time, one more time Did you have to think about it, one more time Put yourself under pressure one more time, One more time. Things are looking better now I heard you say the other day that you knew So many times I've tried to understand, We go through Then again it's the morning light That can catch my heart aflame Just the thought of your sweet face Over and over again Over and over again Over and over again Over and over and over and over and over again.


Oh, sevens worth a say, like a lie, five and one My favourite died in pain, by a guy, son of a gun He jumped through the horse I guess, Disappeared, no mess Hell! We'll just have to rest, follow me down, If you caan, Follow slowly. Thus enter as we may, by a hole, in the floor. Deep darker than the black, seemed to hear, Many a rat. Tried harder as I fought, Thought my life, Finally brought. Knees trembling in my legs, Wish to get out, out and about Out and about. Hre, now, fear, let me free Now, here, now. Don't leave me fast here, oh please You won't let me live again!! This way. come, don't be so afraid, by the fire, sit beside Change all your whims and cares To the tide of the night This thought occurred to me, Did the ghost, disappear Fire deep my heart my soul, chase him off, Very clear, very clearly.

A Play Within a Play

You me, me you, when will we be, Love goes on, no hurry, tell me, That I know whatever has to be. Since dreams have their reasons anyway All the good love stories, have their glory Yours the winds flowing on and on and on and on And on and on Let the winter winds of old Take the water to the sea As the maan turned into light Like the forest of the west They were caarrying the fire Like the boats that sail the waves In the gardens of belief Meditate us turn the ky For if trouble shares your tears Rereturning once again and again and again and again Rereturning once again and again and again and again For the many to be sure That's why children seem to know the reason why True knowledge of believing is believing I'll find a truth and then believe it to the end It seems so easy as my life and I begin to know why Are we to everything a play within a play.
(I didn't transcribe the lyrics myself, of course - anonymous fans, thanks!)

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