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This is the closest we have to a "national" top50 chart in Poland. The chart results are broadcast weekly on national Channel3 radio - used to be a major cult back in the eighties. The chart is different from a typical top-X list in that it does not measure album sales, but is determined by actual votes. Voting can be done by snail mail, telephone, email - and via the web site. There's a check to enforce a vote-once-a-week-only rule, so if you do vote, please don't try to stuff the ballot box. (However, you can spread the word and the URL!)

The URL is:

The page is in Polish, but:
1) You can easily find "Lightning Strikes - Yes" and mark the checkbox next to it. The titles are arranged alphabetically.
2) The long button on top will take you straight to current results page, so don't use it just yet!
3) You can vote for up to 10 songs. The current list also contains Sting, Steve Hackett ("In Memoriam"), the new Mike Oldfield, Roger Waters, etc.
4) When done, click the left-hand side button BELOW the song list - the one that says "GLOSUJ" (cast your vote). The other button will clear the form.

Clicking the Vote button will take you to the results page. These are only the CGI form results, not including possible additional votes sent in by email or snailmail. Still, roughly about 50 more votes would be needed to just keep Yes on the chart, and about 100 more - to reach TOP30.

On the 31st of December Lightning Strikes debuted at 48th place! 7th of January - 47th.
14th of January - 44th place!

Do not forget to vote!

Channel3 is an FM station, but they also broadcast via satellite (listeners call in from as far as the US) and RealAudio - but of course all the programming is in Polish. It all begins at

The chart results are announced during a two-hour program on Fridays, 8pm local time (that's 7pm GMT, but I might be an hour off depending on the daylight saving time differences).

There's a local Yesfan mailing list (in Polish only). We've pestered the radio station to at least include LS in the "candidates" list - that itself took a month to happen! Now the song is there, but it needs votes. The point is, they'll only start actually playing the song if it starts climbing up the chart. (Songs that go up during the week are played in full when the list results are broadcast; songs that are losing points are played partially only.)

Thank you for your votes!

Written by Marek Jedlinski, some additions - R.D.

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