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Beavis and Butthead about Yes !!!

The following was published some years ago on Usenet.

From: (Andrew Wing)
Subject: MORE progressive Beavis & Butthead
Date: 30 Jul 1994 02:11:44 GMT
Organization: Temple University, Academic Computer Services

    (watching a Union video of "I've Seen All Good People")

Butthead: Who *are* these guys?
Beavis: Aren't they... like the band with all these fancy instruments...
        and the singer who used to be in the Vienna Boys choir and like
        all the critics hate them and they like never have the same guys
        and like now they're all there and you still can't understand
        the words... (pause for a cut to the chorus on the TV)

Beavis(screeches): My time is your time is all time to moooooooove!!!
Butthead: Shut up asswipe!  ...At least the guitar player's cool.
Beavis: You know what would be cool is like if Tony Kaye got pissed at
        Wakeman and like he got out his uzi and like tried to blow away
        the keyboards Wakeman was playing, but he missed and hit the singer
        in the balls instead and like his voice got *really* high and it
        blasted through the PA and everybodys ears started bleeding.
Butthead: That would be really cool!

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