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[Union - cover] Rating: 4

Release date:
30 April, 1991

CD: Arista ARCD-8643

Tracks :
  1. I Would Have Waited Forever (6:32)
     (Anderson/Howe/Elias) ****
  2. Shock to the System (5:09)
     (Anderson/Howe/Elias) ***+
  3. Masquerade (2:18)
     (Howe) ****
  4. Lift Me Up (6:30)
     (Rabin/Squire) ***+
  5. Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day (5:18)
     (Anderson/Elias) ****+
  6. Saving My Heart (4:42)
     (Rabin) ***+
  7. Miracle of Life (7:30)
     (Rabin/Mancina) ***+
  8. Silent Talking (4:01)
     (Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford/Elias) ***+
  9. The More We Live - Let Go (4:34)
     (Squire/Sherwood) ****
  10. Angkor Wat (5:24)
     (Anderson/Wakeman/Elias) *****
  11. Dangerous (Look in the Light of What You're Searching For) (3:39)
     (Anderson/Elias) ****
  12. Holding On (5:24)
     (Anderson/Elias/Howe) ***+
  13. Evensong (0:52)
     (Levin/Bruford) ***
  14. Take the Water to the Mountain (3:10)
     (Anderson) ****
  15. Give and Take (4:29)
     (Anderson/Howe/Elias) *****+

    Total time - 69:35

    Only the European release of the album contains the bonus track "Give and Take."

The band :

Jon Anderson: Vocals
Rick Wakeman: Keyboards
Bill Bruford: Drums
Steve Howe: Guitars
Chris Squire: Vocals (1,5,11)
Tony Levin - Bass and vocals

In addition:
Guitars: Jimmy Haun
Keyboards: Jim Crichton, Jonathan Elias, Alex Lasarenko
Percussion: Jerry Bennett, Allan Schwartzberg
Synths: Richard Baker, Gary Barlough, Jerry Bennett, Jim Crichton, Jonathan Elias, Sherman Foote, Brian Foraker, Chris Fosdick, Rory Kaplan, Alex Lasarenko, Steve Porcaro
Additional Vocals: Deborah Anderson, Jonathan Elias, Gary Falcone, Tommy Funderburk, Ian Lloyd, Michael Sherwood, Danny Vaughn
Cambodian poetry in "Angkor Wat": Pauline Cheng
3: Steve Howe: Guitars

Trevor Rabin: Guitars and vocals
Chris Squire: Bass
Tony Kaye: Keyboards
Alan White: Drums
Additional Vocals: Billy Sherwood (9)
Produced by : Jonathan Elias, additional producer: Jon Anderson
except :
"Masquerade" - Steve Howe
"Lift Me Up" and "Saving My Heart" - Trevor Rabin
"Miracle Of Life" - Trevor Rabin, Mark Mancina and Eddie Offord
"The More We Live - Let Go" - Eddie Offord, co-operation - Billy Sherwood

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